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David Ruffa, who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been accused of murdering his wife in 2002. DNA taken from his wife after her body was discovered showed DNA of a male - not from David Ruffa - but from an UNKNOWN MALE yet the trial is still on and he still faces charges of kidnapping, arson and murder.

David Ruffa is a convicted felon - twice - well then, I must assume he is guilty - or in America, are you INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! That doesn't seem to be the case in this instance. Grant it, he was in trouble when he was 17 years old, involved in shooting a house where his ex-girlfriend and family were sleeping and when he was 30, was accused of tying up a woman and threatening to kill her. Both times, Mr. Ruffa was defended by a public defender and both times he was convicted. Now again, he is represented by a public defender and it has been 3 years since the death of his wife and the case STILL has not gone to trial - what happened to the right of a speedy trial - one of many samples of violations of his constitutional rights.

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to view a sample of the falsehoods perpetrated by the Henderson Police and the District Attorney's Office in Las Vegas.

There are many downright lies and incorrect factual information in this article. I have reviewed court documents and witness statements and other information negating what was printed in this article.

I also have questions for the police and other authorities about this case.

To begin with, the supervisor of the victim said that she told him he was going to "meet her husband and if anything happened to her - David is the last person that I was with". Well, well, come to find out, in statements also made by the supervisor - who has changed his statement several times - said that she had 2 phone calls and both phone calls she spoke in Korean. David Ruffa does not speak Korean - so who was she speaking to? Also, the "supervisor" could not account for his time the evening she was missing as he was "moving furniture until 4:30 a.m.". How convenient - his DNA has not been tested.

David and his wife Shao Lei Liu separated in December 2001 when, due to unemployment, they lost the home they were living in and David went to live with his parents and Shao went to live with her sister and brother-in-law as they expressed that David would not be allowed to live there. Shao would not let David see his son and of course, it went to court and David was granted supervised visitation rights.

David states on the night his wife was missing (February 6, 2002), he picked up his son at the appointed time, they went to dinner for David's birthday, had dinner, took his son home and then went home with his mother and step-father to their RV. There, he and his step-father watched a movie and everyone went to bed at around 11:00 p.m.

Now comes the "so called" witnesses - Amy Daneman-Trujillo and Samuel Sandilla state that David stayed with them every night and and Amy claims to have heard David talking on the phone to who she thought was his wife. She then claims that he told her he was going to meet his wife at Joker's Wild and left and did not return until 4:30 a.m. on February 7. I wonder if anyone knows that both of these "so called" witnesses have been arrested numerous times on drug and other charges? I wonder if anyone knows that Ms. Trujillo is a crack-cocaine addict? I wonder if anyone knows that the police cannot find their "star" witnesses because they are on the run from the law? Not only are they drug addicts and criminals, but their testimony is being used as "credible". That's because the police have "found their man!" I also wonder what deals they made with the DA to get themselves out of jail time?

According to the court transcripts and statements made by the cashier where the gas can was tracked to, the cashier described the man as "tall, 200 pounds, wearing a tee-shirt and jeans". David Ruffa weighs 150 pounds and is 5'8" and has never in his life, according to witnesses and friends, has never worn a pair of jeans since they've known him and much less a tee shirt at night because he is always cold, some say. At the hearing, the cashier could not positively identify David Ruffa as the man who bought the gas can - she stated "it could be". That is not a positive identification - either the answer is yes, that's the man, or No - that's not the man and yet the judge allowed this type of testimony and David's defense at the time did nothing to object to it.

Next piece of evidence - Shao was a large woman - about 210 pounds - it has been said that David Ruffa, weighing 150 pounds, kidnapped her, grabbed her from behind, strangled her and pulled her body over the seat of the SUV and then went to buy a gas can and tried to set the car on fire. There was DNA material found under Shao's fingernails - David Ruffa was court ordered to do a DNA test - and I have in my possession a copy of the DNA results - IT IS NOT DAVID RUFFA'S - WELL THEN WHO'S DNA IS IT? It was found out that Shao had a boyfriend that no one - including her husband - knew about. His DNA was tested and it was not his either but the police and David's lawyer have not taken the initiative to find out who's DNA it is. Another fact - instead of getting David Ruffa's DNA after they discovered it under Shao's nails, they waited until a few days before his scheduled court hearing to collect the sample - the judge ordered it on September 27 - the trial was set for September 30 - how convenient for the D.A. Then it took 6 months to get the results of the DNA thereby denying him yet again, the right to a speedy trial.

Before the ordering of the DNA, after his wife's body was found, he was mistreated and then interviewed by the Henderson police department, then let go. He stated he advised the Police that he was going to visit relatives in Maryland - the police stated he didn't. During that time, a warrant was issued for his arrest and the police knew where he was but plastered his face in the media as murderer who fled the state and was hiding out and got the FBI involved. One article stated that "authorities discovered that Ruffa had boarded a flight for Maryland where he had relatives" another incorrect fact - David went with his mother and step-father to Maryland to visit relatives and informed the Police in Henderson where they were going. So here it can be noted that this was done on purpose to try to further prove that this man is guilty by making him appear as a fugitive. When the warrant was issued, the police knew exactly where he was!

More on witnesses - people who claim that David Ruffa wanted to hire someone to take his son and kill his wife - it seems that all of these people owe David Ruffa money for work on their automobiles and all have colored pasts - so who do you believe? Half of the witnesses say that they never heard him say these things and the other half say that he has said stuff like that!

The D.A. has said on more than one occasion that "DNA means nothing - he did it". Well, it seems to me, Mr. D.A. and anyone else, you have to have facts to back up your statements! But not in Nevada!

David Ruffa is no angel, he has been convicted 2 times because of crimes concerning women. No one was ever murdered, or physically hurt in that matter, and it does not excuse past behavior. I am not privy to these documents so I can only go by what is available to me in my research.

So we can sum up the facts in this case: David Ruffa lost his house in 2001 because he had no money to pay his mortgage and had to move in with his parents to have a place to live; David Ruffa was broke and destitute at the time he moved into his parent's RV; David Ruffa was at his parent's RV at the time his wife disappeared; DNA samples taken PROVE that he was not the murderer. Witnesses that say he was at their house that night have been on the run from the law for almost 2 years and no one can find them. The cashier at the gas station cannot positively identify David Ruffa as the man who bought the gas can and gas to burn the SUV that she was found in. The police took samples from the SUV, his parent's car, his parent's RV and came with nothing. Also, it seems that the victim fought for her life and did some physical damage to the person who was attacking her - so where are the scratch marks on the accused? The police made no mention of any marks whatsoever on David Ruffa. So, if he did not physically do this crime, did he pay someone and with what? The man didn't have a pot to urinate in nor a window to through it out of! The police checked all pawn shops in the area to see if he pawned something off to pay someone to kill his wife - and found nothing. So now they want to say that if he didn't physically do it himself, he got someone else to so he could get his son and to reiterate this fact, he had just gotten visitation rights with his son so what was the point?

Let me tell you what this has done to this man's life - first, no information was released to him at all after they found his wife. He tried to call and NO ONE would give him information. Second, his wife's body was released to her family, not to her husband who had not been charged with anything. She was creamated without his knowledge or permission and he still doesn't know to this day what happened. His wife's family claimed all their possessions and all monies that belonged to David Ruffa. Next, his son was taken away by his wife's sister and husband and he was denied visitation with his son. In fact, the sister and her husband (Shao Ru and Scott Garner) have told his son that they are the biological parents. At the time of Shao Lei's death, their son was 2 years old. Next, I would like to know how you can find a job without having to tell a prospective employer that when they hire you, you have to "take off for court because you are accused of killing your wife". See how many jobs you can get with that line! And that's just his life - not including what this has done to the rest of his family, including his parents who are senior citizens and are in ill health.

Something to say about the public defender in this case - you are pathetic. You have allowed the system to deprive your client of a fair trial and allowed EVERYONE IN THE SYSTEM to trample on his rights and you should be ashamed and disbarred. In checking into the background of this public defender, he has had many convictions in his cases and very few wins. I guess since his name isn't "SCOTT PETERSON" you cannot be bothered with protecting someone whom you know damn well is an innocent man.

Look out State of Nevada - after this man has been exonerated, you and everyone involved in denying this man his rights and unjustly accusing this man without facts to back you up, will be facing a civil suit.

If anyone is interested in helping this man, either with legal advice or monetary support, please email davids_defense@yahoo.com for more information. Documents can be made available for serious inquiries only.


This case will be followed to the end. Check back for updates as they are available. The next court date is supposedly in April - we'll see if the prosecution postpones it again for some reason other than they do not have a case and they are grasping at straws to try to find something that isn't there. If it takes the prosecution three years to prepare for an "open & shut case" then the legal system in Las Vegas is in serious trouble!

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